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Thermal Circle Text - Thermal Circle Index

Written by Hayden Daley - 28 August, 2017.

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Thermal Circle 1 – A complete discussion of Aerotowing and RCGA report

Thermal Circle 2 – Programming for competition sailplanes and preparing for competition text and Water Ballast for Scale sailplanes

Thermal Circle 3 – Construction of a semi kit a detailed discussion of the construction of these older style sailplanes

Thermal Circle 4 - Composite model manafacturers and new world soaring class F3I

Thermal Circle 5 - Discussion of RC sailplane radios suitable for begginers and others

Thermal Circle 6 – World Champion David Hobby interview and Airstrike winch review

Thermal Circle 7 – Radio Carbon Art DVD reviews

Thermal Circle 8 – Complete Information for Beginners too thermal soaring

Thermal Circle 9 – Repairing model sailplanes after crash damage

Thermal Circle 10 – Discussion of competition soaring and launch techniques for competition soaring

Thermal Circle 11 – Gregg Voak F3B interview and the Lomcovak Logger

Thermal Circle 12 – Competitive soaring F3B and others and wing servos for competition soaring

Thermal Circle 13 – Thirty best soaring websites world wide during 2007

Thermal Circle 14 – Multiplex Profi 4000 review and new F3J sailplanes

Thermal Circle 15 - Competition soaring rules summary for competition events F3B and others

Thermal Circle 16 – Pressed composite construction of competition and other sailplanes

Thermal Circle 17 – F5J soaring and overview of rules and F3K hand launch soaring

Thermal Circle 18 - F5B competition soaring and seven cell electric competition

Thermal Circle 19 – Construction of a fibreglass fuselage and plug making

Thermal Circle 20 – Changes in F3B an overview

Thermal Circle 21 – Lanyu 3B slope soarer review and Lanyu Minimoa from Model Flight

Thermal Circle 22 – JR 11x radio review and Ceres F3B and Tracer F3B reviews

Thermal Circle 23 – Hi Tec Aurora and Telemetry and CM Pro Habicht sailplane review

Thermal Circle 24 – Radio Carbon art full length reviews DVD by Paul Naton and video

Thermal Circle 25 – Graupner MC 32 and MC 20 reviews and the Maxa F3J sailplane review

Thermal Circle 26 – Robbe Futaba FX 32 review, Vixen F3j and Pike Perfection and Jaro Muller Egida review

Thermal Circle 27 – Spektrum DX 9 radio review and Robbe Futaba FX 22 Jaro Muller Espadita review

Thermal Circle 28 – FrSky Horus radio review Jedi F3B and Pitbull and Shinto and Pike Precision by Samba Models and Jaro Muller Egida F3J reviews

Thermal Circle 29 – All new Jeti DS / DC 24 channel radio and Spektrum DX 20 review and Pike Dynamic F5J and Euphoria F3J reviews

Thermal Circle 30 – 30 best websites worldwide 2017

Thermal Circle 31 – RCRCM sailplanes available in Australia 2017

Thermal Circle 32 – Spektrum IX 12 review and F3B sailplanes.

Thermal Circle 33 – Spektrum IX 20 review and F3J sailplanes.

Thermal Circle 34 – Spektrum radio reviews and 2 F5J sailplanes.

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