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Recommended Radios - JR

Written by Hayden Daley - 21 March, 2016.
JR 28X

Truly the finest of JR's creations, the 28X transmitter sets the benchmark for radios. Designed from the ground-up to exceed the high standard already set by the JR 12X, the 28X is the first RC system to offer an Android operating system. This technology is accessible through a 480 x 273 pixel, 4.3" WQVGA-TFT full-colour touch screen with a 16-bit colour output. This model transmitter is equipped with dual processors to allow for smooth interfacing and reliable radio frequency. One of the staggering features of the 28X radio is its 65,536 step stick resolution, which is 16 times more precise than any other RC transmitter. The 28X uses JR's proprietary 2.4 Ghz DMSS proptocol for a super secure RF link. The 28X offers an internal memory of 4GB, with 512MB of RAM. It comes with 28 channels, with 16 proportional channels and 12 binary channels.

Just like the 11X Zero transmitter, JR have worked hard to ensure that the 28X offers their "feel the difference" quality. As such, this radio offers a broad range of customisation options. The CNC machined aluminium gimbals are supported by ball bearings and can be adjusted to suit any pilot. Additionally, the the shoulder switch plates are removable and can be configured to almost any combination of switches. The user interface is also customisable, so you can change the wallpaper and colour schemes to suit your preferences. Another great feature of the JR 28X is an audio controller, which you can use for voice, music and telemetry notifications. These audio and vibration notifications can also be customised as you see fit.

The Complete JR 28X Package This JR transmitter is contained within a strong, cast aluminium chassis and comes with an integrated USB host controller and USB device port, allowing for easy data interfacing and PC connection. Similar to the JR 11X, this radio has an external SD card slot to give you additional storage space for models, images, sound and telemetry data. The transmitter has been designed with a push button power switch that will prevent accidental powering on and off. You will also notice how the antenna is removable, allowing for safe storage. Speaking of storage, the 28X comes with a custom-designed transmitter case, which also stores an RG712BX Infinity XBus receiver. The JR 28X is quite simply the leading transmitter.


The six channel JR XG6 Radio Control System uses the new JR DMSS 2.4 Ghz protocol. The JR XG6 RC system features high end software developed by some of the world's leading pilots for airplanes, helicopters and sailplanes. The radio's built in 20 model memory and the bonus of micro SD card backup gives you unlimited possibilities and future proof firmware and software update capabilities. The JR XG6 transmitter comes with integrated telemetry; a world first for a 6 channel transmitter. Altitude, speed, receiver voltage, current draw and more are at your fingertips with the use of JR's optional telemetry sensors. This radio comes with an RG712BX receiver.


The XG8 transmitter from JR uses specifically-developed DMSS advanced technology to provide a reliable 2.4GHz radio link to your RC models. It gives you real time feed back of information from the aircraft such as receiver voltage, flight pack voltage, r.p.m. of the motor propeller or rotor blades, temperature, and variometer/altimeter in the future. The possibilities are almost limitless.

This transmitter features the Intelligent Output System (IOS). This gives you enhanced control accuracy and telemetry functions to display critical flight data when you need it the most. It automatically selects which control signals should be transmitted at exactly the same time. For example, the three channels of a CCPM swash plate or a 4 servo aileron wing type. It transmits the data for these channels as one complete signal frame. Thus, there is no time delay between channel data transmission for these critical functions.

The XG8 is the first JR transmitter to feature a LiFE battery; reducing the weight of the radio. Furthermore, the transmitter contains an integrated charging circuit that automatically shuts down when the battery reaches full charge.

You will find that programming this transmitter is very easy, thanks to the well-proven, intuitive user interface. Data can be entered using the familiar scroll bar and four push button entry keys. This programming information is clearly displayed on the XG8’s large, graphical backlit screen.

So whether you are flying an RC plane, helicopter or glider, JR’s XG8 transmitter gives you a level of control and precision that will help you to reach new heights.


JR has developed a radio that suits any pilot from beginner to expert. One of these new enhancements is a new-generation, long-life Li-Fe battery. This contributes to a large reduction in transmitter weight. Additionally, the charging control circuit has been built into the transmitter. The XG11 also features an automatic safety system called “Model Link Bind”. This system ensures that the receiver will not operate if the correct model has not been selected in the transmitter before flying. The radio also features the Dual Modulation Spectrum System (DMSS) 2.4GHz protocol. This gives you a secure radio link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wideband transmission system; allowing for high-speed response and high resistance against RF noise. Another benefit of DMSS is JR’s Intelligent Output System (IOS). This automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted at exactly the same time; delivering the data as one complete signal frame. The IOS in the XG11 transmitter ensures that there is no time delay when you command servos for critical functions. For example, you can operate the CCPM swash plate on a helicopter or wing control surface with multiple servos without any time delay. Additional features with the DMSS technology include its bi-directional communication to supply telemetry information. Receiver voltage telemetry is included as standard with every DMSS receiver and add-on sensors will provide you with real-time feedback from your model. This information includes the RPM of an aircraft propeller or heli rotor blades, in addition to temperature and variometer/altimeter readings. It is important to note, however, that DMSS technology is not compatible with JR DSM, Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX equipment. What’s more, the XG11 radio comes with a number of exciting new features, including the Balance function. This equalises individual servo travel on multi-servo control surfaces. With 5 adjustable points, these servos can be matched not only at the centre, but also across the entire throw of the surface. This transmitter also features three programmable stick position switches for mixing and an expanded Dual Rate/Expo menu that allows for up to 6 additional rate switches. The XG11 radio also features a Trim Input function, which can allocate trim levers in order for you to change the numerical values of various functions (such as program mix) during flight. Also worthy of mention is the revolutionary JR Touch Select function. This enables automatic switch selection for programmed functions with just the simple movement of the switch you want to use. Overall, JR’s XG11 transmitter is an outstanding choice. Providing an evolutionary level of control and precision, this is the radio that should be used by all Top Gun pilots.


Overview The XG14E transmitter from JR is the first tray-type transmitter in the XG series and comes with an RG812BX receiver.

Features First tray-type transmitter in the XG series 14-channel DMSS/computer mixing system SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates Can read data files from XG11, XG8, DSX11 and 11XZERO transmitters Stick base angle changeable, allowing you to find the best angle for longer flights RG731BX receiver included The XG14E from JR is the first tray-type transmitter in the XG series. It features a 14-channel DMSS/computer mixing system and an SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates. This slot is compatible with data files from the XG11, XG8, XG14 and 11X ZERO transmitters. JR have made the stick base angle of the XG14E changeable, allowing you to find the best angle for longer flights. This JR transmitter comes with an RG812BX receiver included.


The XG14 transmitter from JR is truly at the cutting edge. This brand new transmitter features a dual modulation spread spectrum (DMSS) 2.4GHz telemetry radio control system. This DMSS gives you fast response, even with the use of telemetry. Multiple servos can also be used simultaneously with reduced time lag. The XG14 features premium gimbals supported by a CNC-machined aluminium chassis. These give you superb precision feel with no flex at quick and full stick extremes. This transmitter comes with 14 channels with a newly-equipped X-BUS system. This serial connection system simplifies the servo wiring and offers complete compatibility for popular gyro setups. Additionally, X-BUS gives you full linear, non-shared channel update rates for all 14 channels, with improved mixing settings. This makes it perfect for more complicated, large aircraft setups. The JR XG14 is complete with the new RG712BX X-BUS receiver. The expandable capability of this receiver allows for the connection of up to 7 channels with standard (non X-BUS) connector servos. If you are looking for one of the most advanced transmitters available, look no further. The XG14 from JR is a brilliant offering.

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