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Product Reviews - Review Text Index

Written by Hayden Daley - 28 August, 2017.
Review Text 1 – Radio Carbon Art DVD reviews

Review Text 2 – Lomcovak Logger and Lanyu 3B slope soarer and Airstrike Ultra winch review. Radio Carbon Art DVD reviews.

Review Text 3 – JR 11x 2.4ghz review and DG 600 scale sailplane review.

Review Text 4 – Hi Tec Aurora 9X review and Fly Dream 2.4 GhZ review. CM Pro Habicht Scale model review.

Review Text 5 – Seven Radio Carbon Art DVD reviews.

Review Text 6 – Graupner MC 20 and MC 32 Reviews and Vladimirs model Maxa.

Review Text 7 – Robbe Futaba Fx 32 Review and Vixen F3J and Pike Perfection and Egida F3J reviews

Review Text 8 – Spektrum DX 9 and Robbe Futaba FX 32 and Vladimirs Models Snipe and Jaro Muller Espadita.

Review Text 9 – Fr Sky Horus radio review and Jedi F3B and Pitbull F3B and Shinto as well as Pike precision and Jaro Muller Egida F3J

Review Text 10 - All new Jeti DC/DS 24 radio review and Spektrum DX 20 and Pike Dynamic and Euphoria F3J.

Review Text 11 - Spektrum IX 12 review and F3B sailplanes.

Review Text 12 – Spektrum IX 20 review and F3J sailplanes.

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