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Written By Hayden Daley.

Name: www.thermalcircle.com
Author: Hayden Daley
Category: Text based competition soaring information website.
Created: 2007
Contact email: soaring@newlitho.com.au

Hayden Daley
September 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Model Flight company also known as OMP and Daves Toys for Big boys also known as Airstrike for their support over the last fifteen years. They have been very helpful letting me put all the latest and best products on my website and have always been helpful with information and text regarding new products as they arrive; they have been very kind to me. There is much more Thermal Circle to come as more new products are being released they will be added to the site.

The last fifteen years has been quite a journey and I hope to provide more competition soaring information for readers of the website. Much competition soaring equipment is constructed in the Ukraine and the war in this country is affecting deliveries of many required products used in competitive soaring particularly Moulded F5J and F3J sailplanes. There are no delivery problems with USA, Czech and Chinese products they are available in Australia with most products in stock. I look forward to the future and the new products as they arrive in Australia.

All advertising on this site is provided free of charge and If you wish to advertise my email is still soaring@newlitho.com.au please feel free to contact me re Thermal Circle I will reply to all emails. I would like to thank the readers of this site for all the hits in the last fifteen years it keeps me motivated!!!

Hayden Daley June 2022

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