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Written by Hayden Daley - 14 September, 2007.
Welcome to this edition of the Soaring Circle. In this edition we will take a look at the thirty best soaring websites world wide, with a short description of the website and the sites address. Exploring the internet provides endless information , this column is intended to be used as a reference only.

1. www.rosenthal-flugmodelle.de

Rosenthal is the home to many different Scale semi-kits produced to a large scale. This company’s models are manufactured with a fiberglass fuselage and foam core wings making building time a long time! However with many models to choose from and the large scale of many different models; makes these models legendary in performance and size.

2. www.graupner.de

Graupner radios are used by competition pilots throughout the world and are produced by JR radios in Japan. These JR/Graupner radios are well known in the soaring scene for providing many glider friendly programming options. The twelve channel mc24 Gold edition is the latest from Graupner.

3. www.fvk.de

FVK in the Germany is the home of the Graphite and Graphite 2 competition sailplane’s. The models that come from this manufacturer are of good quality and well made. The Organic is a supurb 7 cell electic model and the Gillette 2 is good quality slope soarer. FVK models are available from the Airstrike company and Model Flight, effectively ceasing any importing dramas.

4 www.airtech-rc.com

Airtech is a French manufacturer producing a fine line of models from competition to scale models. X-light F3j model looks to be a fine model and to be well made. This manufacturer also sells the Omega, known in France as the Alto, an excellent 7 cell competition model.

5. www.modellbau-pollack.de

This is a German distributor of many different F3J and F3B models as well as others. F3j models like the Starlight 3000 and Pike Superior are available from this distributor; and F3b models the X21 and Nyx. are also available. F3f slope racing models are also provided by this distributor

6. www.paul-schneider-modellbau.de

Paul Schneider Modellbau is a distributor of many different molded models as used in the F3j and F3b soaring classes, models like the Fazer, Viking and Sting are available from this distributor and F3k, hand launched glider class, is well covered by this distributor.

7. www.modelflight.com.au

Model Flight is the home of Soaring in Australia. It distributes many different competition and scale gliders as well as Jr/Graupner radios. This company is unrivalled in Australia for providing models and equipment for the soaring scene, so check out Model Flight when next on the computer.

8. www.euromdodell.de

This company is basically a Jaro Muller dealer however also provides for many soaring accessories, tow hooks, parachutes and other soaring items are well catered for. The Espada F3J modle is available from this distributor as well as others. This website is well constructed and has good quality well designed models for sale.

9. www.tun.ch

Tun Medllbau is located in Switzerland is the Distributor of models like the F3b world championship winning Crossfire F3b sailplane as well as others. The Crossfire is supurb F3B model and comes highly recommended; the performance of this aircraft is legendary. Personnally I believe the Crossfire has the greatest potential of models intended for F3b and if intending to compete again I would use this model. This distributor is reputable and well known for the supply of good quality models.

10. www.mapleleafdesign.com

Maple Leaf design is the producer of the Joe Wurts designed Icon F3J/F3B sailplane and is located in the U.S.A. This model was campaigned by Aussie competition pilot Carl Strautins, to tenth place at the recent F3j world championships. The Icon moulds are CNC milled promising good accuracy and the models are well made, they come highly recommended as good flying, well made, strong competition models.

11. www.soaringusa.com

Soaring USA is adsitributor of a large range of models covering pretty much all catergories of model sailplanes. Their is Dynamic Soaring models, F3B models as well as many others. This site has one of the best range of RC models on a website world wide. The models are also priced in US dollars allowing a comparison of prices. This site is well constructed and worth a look when shopping for your next high performance sailplane. The Europhia 2, Trinity and Storm are available from this supplier and are fine performing models.

12. www.euro-sailplanes.co.uk

This company located in England provides many different options from Scale models to F3B competition models. This provider has a great selection of Scale models and is worth looking at.

13. www.xmodels.it

Xmodels located in Italy provides many models for the sport sailplane supplier and although this company is Italy seems to have many modern sport models for sale. This website is worth visiting to see new designs for the sport flyer.

14 www.lenger.de

Lenger Modellbau located in German has many molded models for sale. Molded Jets and other molded models are well covered and their is a good collection of high performance models for sale. This well constructed website has an English translation. Most of the models provided look to offer good performance.

15. www.utanet.at

Bruckmann sailplanes located in Germany, sell a lot of different scale models ranging from tow-planes to large scale sailplanes, the Bruckmann Swift imported by a fellow Victorian modeler had supurb performance. Check out this site for your next large scale project; these models come with the promise of good quality and good performance.

16. www.f3j.com

Samba models the maker of the extremely popular Pike Superior and the F3J world championship winning model the Pike Perfect. These models are well made, strong competition models of excellent standards and the Pike Superior uses the supurb wing section the HQ/W, the latest in a long line of Quabek sections. These models come highly recommended with a proven competition pedigree and excellent standard setting design. The latest Pike series of models is probably the most successful range of F3J models produced world wide, they have world championship winning performance and with David Hobby piloting Pike sailpanes to two world championship wins come recommended without question

17 www.icare-rc.com

Icare saiplanes and electrics is located in Canada and distributes a large range of competition models, scale models as well as others. This company is reputable, several friends have bought models from this company and their has been no problems. Electric model products are also well covered by this distributor; and they also stocks the famous Plettenberg brushless motors.

18 www.airsrtrike.com.au

Airstrike Australia is the producer of the Airstrike line of winches that provide world class equipment to the Australian moddeler. The range of gear includes winch lines, Hyperion models and F3b competition models, as well as others. David Pratley, Airstrike owner, is reputable, and he provides a good service to his customers. Check out his website for JR/Graupner radios like the MC22 and MC24 when next shopping for a new radio with good quality glider functions. The unique JR/Graupner MC24 provides a help button on the radio; an excellent reference when programming at the field.

19. www.canterburysailplanes.co

Canterbury sailplanes carry a large range of foam combat models that are well priced. Located in New Zealand has the legendary JW flying wing designed by U.S.A soaring champion Joe Wurts as a Dynamic Soaring “training model”. This EPP foam design has excellent performance and is an excellent combat model. Check out Canterbury Sailplanes for your next combat model.

20. www.rc-tradingpage.com.au

The Aussie RC trading page is an excellent service provided by Shepparton based modeller David Jones. This uniquely Australian and Kiwi service is the spot to sell second hand equipment. This service is free and David will advertise any models in Australia or New Zealand, it is however best known for the sale of second hand competition models. Feel free to advertise on this service and advertising material is listed with a simple email to David. I have used this service to buy and sell models and is reputable the service it provides. Don’t hold back, sell it here!

21. www.saliplanes.com

Sailplanes Unlimited is a U.S based distributor of mostly scale sailplanes, it does however provide a great service for scale model accessories like pilots and so on. This company is reputable and has a large range of molded scale models.

22. www.aerodesign.de

This is the best website world wide covering F3B and F3F three views. Pretty much every modern and succesful design is shown here. This sight is supurb, in that it pretty much chronicles the changes in design over the last ten years that have occurred with F3B and F3F competition models. If it was successful you will find a 3 view here. I personally recommend this sight as one of the best sites for soaring world wide. An excellent soaring website and unique in its service.

23. www.volz-servos.com

Volz servos are reknowned in the competition scene as strong, powerful servos for competition models, F3B and F3J. These servos are well made and reliable to the point where some comp pilots will only use Volz servos in their models. The blue case is unique and the metal gears and large range of different servos makes these servos come highly recommended for your next comp model or application requiring small size and large torque. These servos are magnificent and come recommended as good as, or superior to, any glider based servo, world wide.

24. www.aerosportbecker.de

Aero Sport Becker contains models designed by Marcus Becker; and produced in his home country of Germany. The models that have come to Australia have been of good quality and good performance. These designs, are good looking competition models, although it has been a while since a new Becker design has appeared. Hopefully we will see a new competition winning model from Becker Aero Sport. Well worth looking at for your competition model, and the Supersonic flys well and is a good model for F3B.

25. www.lsfaustralia.org.au

The League of Silent flight is a well world wide organization that provides an award system to its members; with a number of difficult but rewarding levels to try to conquer! Pilots who have achieved level 5 status, the highest level, gain respect world wide for their achievements. The L.S.F comes recommended for helping to refine the sport of soaring.

26. www.favounias.com,soaring/estrella/estrella.htm

This site has all you need to know about the Estrella competition model designed for F3B and produce by Fischer models. This design is getting a bit dated, however a new wing section design on the original planform should return the Estrella to its former glory. The new model has a two year waiting list! This is understandable with pilots the world over still campaigning the first design.

27. www.lomcovak.cz

Based in the Czech Republic this website is well worth visiting for its many stories and other information. F3B, F3J, and so on, are well looked after, this is an entertaining web site and is full of information.

28 www.weberschock-development.de

Martin Weberschock is world reknowned designer of successful competition models. This website is run by Martin Weberschock and is a interesting look at the models he has designed which include the Estrella and Europia 2. The German based web site is well constructed and informative. Check this out on your next soaring web surfing experience.

29. www.bretamodel.cz

Breta Model are producer of the well designed and stron Nyx series of competition sailplanes. These models are fully molded, well made models for F3J and F3B. CNC produced molds promise good accuracy in these models and the models I have seen fly; have flown well and are of good quality. Model Flight sell the Nyx series by Breta models effectively defeating the drama of importing these models. The Nyx is worth considering for F3B or F3j competition.

30. www.rcmklub.sk

This web site is the F3J world championship site for the 2006 w/c and provides an excellent diary of what occurred during this event. The site also has interviews, scores and contest results. If you wish to see a well made web site check out this site, it provides informative and useful information on the world championships as won by Australian David Hobby.

That’s it for this issue, happy, safe and successful soaring. I can be contacted at soaring@newlitho.com.au and welcome any correspondence to do with RC soaring!

Hayden Daley

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