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Thermal Circle Text - Thermal Circle 54

Written by Hayden Daley - 27 January, 2023.

Welcome to this edition of the Thermal Circle in this edition a new Spektrum radio the IX 14 and two new soaring models and also a new electric motor. All products from Model Flight!!

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IX14 14 Channel DSMX Transmitter Only

The latest in the Spektrum™ iX series of intelligent transmitters, the 14-channel iX14 offers a powerful array of features for mid- to advanced-level pilots who require advanced programmability and the capabilities to fly high-performance RC aircraft.
•    Comfortable, non-slip rubber grips
•    Contactless precision gimbal sensors
•    Adjustable stick length and travel range
•    User-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
•    Customizable switch assignments
Product Details
In The Box
•    (1) Spektrum™ iX14 Transmitter
•    (1) Custom iX14 Neck Strap
•    (1) iX14 Decal Sheet
•    (1) Magnetic USB-C Adapter
•    (1) USB Magnetic Adapter Cable
•    (1) Quick Start Guide
•    (1) Exclusive iX14 Carrying Case
•    (1) 10,500mAh Li-Ion Transmitter Battery Pack
Needed to Complete
•    Compatible Spektrum™ receiver

•    14 channels at 22ms frame rate allows the iX14 to be used with high-performance jet aircraft
•    Fast Android-powered touchscreen interface
•    Full-colour, easy to read screen
•    Compatible with Smart Technology out of the box
•    Includes the latest upgrades to the Smart dashboard
•    Superb ergonomics for hours of comfortable setup and flying
•    Includes smooth, contactless, precision gimbals
•    Speech-to-text functionality through wired headsets
•    USB-C port allows charging the 10,500mAh 1S Lithium-Ion transmitter battery with the included magnetic USB cable and magnetic USB-C adapter
•    250 model memory
•    Programming for airplanes, helicopters, sailplanes, and multi-rotors
Spektrum developed the iX series of Smart-ready transmitters for pilots seeking powerful functionality along with next-level connectivity. The 12-channel iX12 came first and was followed by the 20-channel iX20, the most advanced Spektrum air transmitter to date with an unprecedented array of features, innovations, and upgrades.
The iX14 now joins the series as the perfect intelligent transmitter for intermediate to advanced level pilots who fly mid- to high-end performance RC aircraft, including EDF jets and giant-scale turbine jets. It offers 14 channels and includes many of the latest Spektrum advances in connectivity, programmability, and ergonomics.
With its fast Android interface, Smart Technology compatibility, precise Hall-effect gimbals and more, the iX14 continues the Spektrum brand's commitment to innovation and reinforces its position at the cutting edge of aircraft radio technology.
The 4.5-inch, full-colour, easy-to-read iX14 touchscreen interface provides information in crisp, clear detail and allows you to make precise setting changes with just a "tap". It cold-boots (from OFF) in less than 90 seconds and wakes from sleep in 10 seconds or less. Because this is a fully functional Android interface, it will work with an evolving list of apps from the Google Play store.

With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and voice recognition capabilities, the iX14 can grow and adapt in the fast-paced world of Smart Technology. Forward Programming lets you configure smart receivers and related products wirelessly from the transmitter. Spektrum™ AirWare™ app update alerts are automatic, plus you can download model setups and add third-party apps. A USB-C port lets you charge the internal Li-Ion battery with the included magnetic USB cable and USB-C adapter or any USB to USB-C cable. It can also be used to connect flight controllers, recognize accessory devices and provide a convenient link to your PC or laptop.
The iX14 is the ultimate tool for keeping your prized aircraft and equipment in peak condition with access to real-time data such as battery voltage, motor temperature and more. The transmitter is compatible with installations using telemetry-enabled receivers and sensors, and its built-in Smart telemetry compatibility means it supports the innovative, all-in-one telemetry of Spektrum™ Smart Batteries, ESCs and receivers with multiple screens and warnings.

The iX14 transmitter gimbals feature contactless hall effect sensors that offer advanced precision, low maintenance, and an ultra-smooth feel that's conveniently adjustable from the front of the transmitter.

The weight distribution and ergonomics of the iX14 have been optimized to fit a wide range of pilot needs. The result is a sense of balance, comfort and functionality that perfectly complements the speed and precision of DSMX® technology.
Key iX14 Ergonomic Features:
•    Comfortable, non-slip rubber grips
•    Contactless precision gimbal sensors
•    Adjustable stick length and travel range
•    User-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
•    User-adjustable switch assignments and pushbutton power on/off
•    State-of-the-art touchscreen technology
You can store 250 models straight to the iX14 transmitter — and even more on internal memory or an SD card. The enormous capacity of the iX14's on-board Model Memory means your whole fleet can be conveniently stored all on one radio. And with the security of Spektrum Model Match Technology, there are no worries of accidentally flying a model with the wrong settings. Simply choose the model you want to fly, power up the aircraft, and let your Spektrum iX14 do the rest.

Product Specifications
Channels    14
Frame Rate    11ms, 22ms
Model Memory    250
Modulation    DSMX/DSM2
Receiver    Sold Separately
Telemetry    Yes
Range    Full
Battery    Included
Modes    User Selectable Mode 1-4
Rate Positions    3 Position
Application    Airplane/Helicopter/Sailplane
Failsafe    Yes

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NEXT G2 composite 2 metre F5J EP Glider

The Next G2m is a fully moulded composite 2-metre 5 channel electric glider from the maker of the Euphoria and Simitri. Suitable for F5J or sport flying

•    Fully moulded composite carbon fibre and fibreglass construction
•    Thin 7.1% airfoil
•    Lightweight, stiff construction
•    4 servo operation
•    2 piece wing
•    Good access to the motor, radio, battery compartment

Product Information
Made in the Ukraine, the Next G2M is a new lightweight, fully moulded electric glider for sport and competition flying. Featuring flaperons, rudder and elevator utilising 4 servos this model offers outstanding performance from a small package. The wings, stab and fin feature a foam core and composite skin construction which is both light weight and very stiff.
With its thin 7.1% section and plenty of dihedral, the NG2M will climb away in the smallest and weakest of thermals. The 2 piece wing and removable fin and stab make for easy transport and storage. The AU version of the NG2M is offered in a striking black, neon yellow and white colour scheme.
You will need a brushless motor of 200-250 watts, 30-32mm spinner, an ESC to suit the motor of 20-25A rating, a 2-3S LiPO, 4 servos of maximum thickness 11.5mm and a minimum 5 channel receiver
1999 mm
1389 mm
Empty weight
320 gm
Wing area
33.6 sq.dm
special 7.1%
Control functions
ailerons/flaps, rudder, elevator

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MAX FLIGHT F5K composite 1.5 metre F5K EP Glider

The Max Flight fully moulded carbon composite F5K EP glider from Soaring Models is a super model
•    Full carbon construction using core technology
•    2 piece wing with simple flap drive
•    6 servo model
•    Bright colour scheme for visibility
•    Optimised for F5K
•    Simple servo installation


Product Information
The Max Flight fully moulded carbon composite F5K EP glider from Soaring Models is a beautifully built model. Made by skilled modellers in the Ukraine, using core technology, the performance is outstanding. This is a 6 servo model, with 4 servos in the fuselage for rudder, elevator and 2 flaps, with individual aileron servos in the wing halves
1490 mm
870 mm
213 mm
Wing Area
18.76 sq.dm
Stabiliser Area
2.21 sq.dm
Fin Area
2.21 sq.dm
Control Surfaces
6 servos - ailerons, flap, rudder, elevator

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Dualsky XM2230EG-11 2200kv Brushless Glider Motor

A powerful lightweight, compact brushless motor designed for eRES gliders and F5K models. 22mm diameter, 252 watts output and 42 g weight.
•    Lightweight, only 42g!
•    Powerful 252 watts
•    Slimline 22.4mm
•    4mm hollow shaft and large front bearing
•    Uses precision NMB Japanese bearings
•    14 pole arc magnets with Japanese silicon steel laminations
•    Uses 220 grade enamelled wire and high temperature epoxy
•    Centrifugal fan integrated into rear motor cover
•    Suitable for 2-3S operation
•    9x5 to 10x6 on 2S
Product Information
A brushless motor designed for eRES gliders and F5K models. 22mm diameter, 252 watts output and 42g weight. Lightweight and powerful, and with a 4mm shaft to cope with hard landings. It can be installed in the nose of gliders using 26-30mm spinners (or larger). Using a 2S battery and a 10 x 6 prop it will draw around 30A
42 g
22.4 mm
29.4 mm
Diameter of shaft
4 mm
Pitch of holes
16 / 16
Input connectors
GC2.0 3 Pairs
Slots & poles
Io @ 10V
1.70 A
Resistance (Ri) (mOhm)
No of cells
2 - 3
Max efficiency current
17 A
Max burst current (15S)
34 A
Max Power (15S)
252 A
Recommended ESC
XC-33U-Lite 15o (Middle)
2S: 9x5, 9x6, GM10x6
Thats all from the Thermal Circle. Enjoy Hayden Daley January 2023

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