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Sport Sailplanes - Beginner

Written by Hayden Daley - 18 September, 2007.
Begginer Models

The following models come reccomended as suitable for the beginner. There is electric begginer model's also included, all models mentioned are suitable as a first RC model for the begginer

Cumulus XXL

The Cumulus is an electric assist sailplane that would make an excellent begginer model. The model has a wingspan of 2240 mm, fuselage length of 1045mm and the wingsection GQ/W at 10%. Wing area is 42.1 dm2 and the weight of the model is 1090gm complete as a glider and as electric is 1790gm. This model is well presented and available from Model Flight and Airstrike.

Available from

Avaliable from

ST Model DG 1000

This is a new well priced sport model from Model Flight. Wingspan 2000mm, 5 channel radio required with five servos. This model is complete on purchase, radio, charger, batteries are included in the purchase cost. With minimal assembly required for a flying sailplane. This model would make an excellent begginer sailplane for younger modelers due to minimal construction.

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Graupner Maxie Sport

The Graupner Maxie sport is a model brought to Australia by Model Flight, Australian agent for Graupner products. The model has a wingspan of 3.2 meters and th model features a polyhedral wing. The propulsion system for this model is in the 600 size ctaergory. The fusealge features GRP construction and the model contains all hardware required for construction. Wingspan is 3200 mm, a length of 1370mm and a wing area of 66.5 dm2 and the weight is approximately 2400gm.This electric sailplane would make an excellent begginer model.

Available from

E-Hawk 1500

The E-Hawk 1500 is an all new model from Thunder Tiger utilising pod and boom construction and the supurb RG 15 wingsection. This electric sailplane uses a V-Tail aand ailerons for control and a brushless outrunner is included in the kit.The wingspan is 1520mm, length of 925mm and a wing area of 22.00 dm2. This model is well priced and make an excellent begginer model. Also, you can choose betweeen Li-po or old style sub-c cells for propulsion.

Available from

Great Planes Spirit 100 ARF

The Spirit 100 comes reccomended as a full house model suitable for learning to fly. This model features Ailerons,Flaps and Spoilers that will increase perfromance potential and has the controls to allow for accurate landings on the slope or the flat field. This model can be constructed in as little 4-5 hours and has a 2 piece bolt on balsa ply wing. The rudder, elevator and bolt on stabiliser use traditional wooden construction. AIlerons and flaps allow for full camber changing capabilities and crow mixing. An adjustable tow hook is provided so launches can be optimised. Servo leads are already installed. The models wingspan 2540mm, wing area 60.8dm2 a finished weight 2000g and a length 1370 mm. the radio requirements are for a 7 channel unit opreferably with computer programming options for sailplanes. This looks to be good model for the begginer that wants a full house model to learn on.

Available from

Graupner Cumulus 2000

The Graupner cumulus comes reccomended for the begginer that wants an electric/ flat field model. This design incorporates a removable nose that can be quickly changed to turn this model into an unpowered sailplane. This removable nose allows quick changes of batteries at the field. The models wingspan is 1870 mm, it has wing area of 31,3 dm2 it has a length of 965 mm and it weight is approx 900g complete. It requires 3 channel radio and an electric geare 480 motor with a 4.1 gearbox. This model is ready built, has a V-Tail and the nose cone is made of fiberglass. This model would be excellent beginner model.

Available from

Multiplex Easy Glider Electric

The Multiplex Easy Glider electric is well priced begginer model from the German Company Multiplex. It offers fast construction with CA and it is capable of handling the occasional heavy landing as you learn. The model uses rudder elevator and aileron and would be suitable as a first aileron model and the two piece wing provides easy transport. The wingspan of this model is 71in the fuselage has a length of 44.25 in and weight is 35oz. This model offers a good glide angle with ideal characteristics for the begginer. This model comes with a power system including motor. I have seen this model fly and it has excellent characteristics for the begginer.

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FVK Electron

The Elektron from the reknowned manafacturer FVK models has been devoloped for soaring flight and would make an excellent begiiner model that would grow with the pilot as his skill improve. It features astrong but light weight construction and the wing is covered in oracover. The fuselage is GRP constructed. The wings ailerons are cut and hinged and wing servo boxes and wiring are already installed. The model fuselage is available in cruciform tail, v-tail or tee tail and the model is available in glider or electric versions. The models weight allows for affordable electric equipment and comes highly reccomended the manafacturer is reknowned world wide for quality models.

Available from

E-hawk 1400

The Ehawk comes reccomended as a suitable model for the begginer to learn the intrucacies of aileron flight with a model that wont break the bank to set up with electric propolsion. It has a wingspan of 55 inches wing are of 300sq in a wing loadin of 10oz/sq ft and a length of 31 inches weight is 210z a 380 motor is included. The model requires a 3 channel radio. the fuselage is of fiberglass construction and has well constructed partially sheeted wing. The model assembles quickly and I have flown this model it is not bad. Overall an excellent value model suited to the begginer.

No Longer Available

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