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Product Reviews - Review Text 15

Written by Hayden Daley - 21 February, 2022.

Welcome to these Thermal Circle product reviews. All products provided by Model Flight also known as OMP.


Jeti Model DS 14

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The Jeti Model DS-14 II transmitter uses the proven Jeti Model 2.4GHz Duplex system for wireless control of RC models and this new design is based on the DS-16 II.




Based on the DS16 II transmitter

  • Built-in telemetry
  • 3.5" TFT LCD display
  • Precise gimbals made of plastic parts and mounted in ball bearings
  • Easy charging
  • Integrated antennas
  • USB connector for convenient connection to your PC
  • Several predefined colour schemes to choose from
  • Audio player supports MP3 and WAV sound formats
  • Integrated microphone with optional voice recognition capability

The DS-14 II transmitter uses the proven Jeti Model 2.4GHz Duplex system for wireless control of RC models.The transmitter has precise sticks with hall sensors, a graphic LCD colour display with back light and a clear and intuitive way of programming. The DS-14 II transmitter offers a modular system of software features according to the requirements of each user. The transmitter is delivered with a basic configuration, which is a good start for most new users.

A colour TFT LCD display placed on the top side of the transmitter offers perfect legibility at any lighting condition and a large surveillance angle. Thanks to the high display resolution and application of a relatively big amount of graphic images it was possible to create a simple and intuitive setting procedure, especially for displaying telemetry data. The main goal with the design of the transmitter was maximum user comfort, exclusive appearance and longevity by exploitation of premium quality materials.

The DUPLEX EX product family has been equipped with an improved telemetry data transfer system and the subsequent data processing on the LCD transmitter display or analysis on a PC. The transmitter allows the setup of acoustical notifications (optionally created by the user himself), which are related to the actual telemetry values or to sound signals assigned to conditions of particular control elements.

For flight control and reception of telemetry data from the model to the transmitter, the DS-14 II takes advantage of the Duplex 2.4GHz wireless system, which has been developed by the JETI company as well. The Duplex 2.4GHz data transfer system is very reliable and has been verified for many years.

Using the integrated microphone you can easily prepare your own audio files. Furthermore, you can teach the transmitter to respond to several voice commands.

User Applications – the DS-14 II can be easily extended using third-party applications written in Lua programming language.





10 (up to 14)

Control inputs


Gyro / Accelerometer


RF module 2.4GHz


RF Module 900MHz


Number of 2.4GHz antennas




Double path


Flight modes

3 (up to 10)

Free Mixes

10 (up to 20)

Telemetry analysis via graphs


Audio player


Logical switch

4 (up to 16)

Number of remote commands

8 (up to 16)

Servo sequencer

3 (up to 6)


5 (up to 10)

Values on display

20 (up to 40)

Event sounds

10 (up to 20)


15 (up to 40)

Vibration alarms


Voice output






Gyro settings

1 (up to 3)

Servo balancer


Function curves


Throttle limiter




Flight mode trim


Data stream logging


Telemetry controls

0 (up to 16)

Voice commands

0 (up to 16)

Lua apps


Ditex servo telemetry


Gimbals and buttons


Transmitter frame


Stick resolution


Gimbal hall sensors


Memory, SD card

8 GB

Backlight LCD

Coloured 3.5" 320 x 240


1200 g

Transmitter battery pack

Li-Ion 6200mAh

Transmitter aluminium case

Available from:

 X-Dream 2000

The X-Dream 2000 eRES model is a laser cut balsa kit from Germany purpose designed for the popular eRES class of electric powered 2 metre gliders



  • Laser cut balsa kit
  • Lightweight and strong
  • 3 piece wing
  • Removeable stabiliser
  • Very competitive eRES model

The X-Dream 2000 eRES model is the latest development by Alois Janowetz, the legendary designer of the Minores, X-res and Desire.

The X-Dream 2000 impresses with its balanced flight characteristics and its performance potential. The model is very manoeuvrable and is extremely easy to hold. Both in calm weather, as it usually happens in the morning and evening in competitions, as well as in strong winds, the X-Dream 2000 shows its strengths and masters the challenges of different weather conditions in an exemplary manner and shows its excellent gliding performance.

In order to improve the wing loading and thus the penetration in stronger winds, provision is made to fit ballast ranging from 50 to 165g weight is possible.

With the large 2-part spoilers, almost vertical descents are possible without a big increase in airspeed or loading up the airframe. The wing is in 3 parts and the horizontal stabiliser is removable.

The laser-cut kit is characterised by a very simple and robust structure. With the exception of the 6 mm CFRP rods for the wing joint, the CFRP fuselage tube and the GFRP rocker for the pendulum horizontal stabiliser, only selected balsa and plywood that have been optimised for weight are used.

As a result, the bonding of all components with commercially available systems such as superglue, white glue or 5-min epoxy is very easy and the processing of the materials is problem-free.

Due to the ingenious construction and the exclusive use of weight-optimised materials, a take-off weight of around 450g and thus a wing loading of only 12 g / dm² out of the box is possible (varies with your choice of motor and battery).
Ultracote Lite is recommended for the covering.

The model is designed for the advanced model maker. Assembling requires experience and understanding of building balsa/plywood structures.

What you need

  • Radio system
  • 4 x servos (1 x rudder, 1 x rudder, 2 x spoiler)
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Battery
  • Charger





1.999 mm


1.180 mm


AG-Strak modified

Flying weight

approx 450g

Wing Area

36,0 dm²

Wing Loading

approx 12 g / dm²

R/C Functions

Elevator, Rudder, Spoiler


75 – 78 mm from the Leading Edge

Servo requirements

2 (Rudder + Elevator)
2 (Spoiler)

Covering material

Ultracote Lite


Available from:

Jeti R4S RX


The Jeti R4 RES 4 channel receiver has been specially designed for the increasingly popular competition category of electric powered gliders eRES. The receiver has height and timing functions built in.


The Jeti R4 RES receiver is a special type for use in the popular electric glider competition class eRES. Featuring 4 channels and built in height measuring and timing functions, this receiver eliminates the need (and cost) of a separate height limiting device. Settings and telemetry functions are limited as per the specifications set for F5J competition.


Compact, lightweight, and saves space and money




Weight [g]




Dimensions [mm]


62 x 38 x 16

Number of channels




Operating temperature range [° C]

-10 to 85

Compatible protocols


Antenna length [mm]

2x 400

Supply voltage [V]

3.5 - 8.4

Average current [mA]


Support for satellite receivers


Max. output power [dBm]


Receiver sensitivity [dBm]


Stabilization Assist





Available from:

Dualsky Brushless Motor for F5J



The Dualsky XM3040EG-12 brushless motor is lightweight, compact and is designed for medium to heavy F5J gliders (up to 2,000gm).



  • Encapsulated design for easy integration into the slim nose of gliders
  • Wire outlet at the back
  • Integrated fan for optimized efficiency
  • Shaft is mounted on 3 bearings distributed over the entire length for better resistance during landings.
  • 14 pole rotor composed of curved magnets, 0.20mm Japanese silicon rolled steel, providing high direct drive torque.
  • Uses 220 grade enamel wire and same level high temperature epoxy adhesive, with five star grade overload resistance

Recommended application:

Glider up to 2kg


Front face 26mm, Body 31mm






1000 rpm / V

Shaft diameter:



DB3.5 (3 pairs)

Recommended voltage:

3S to 4S LiPo

Max current (15s):


Max power (15s):


Recommended propeller (s):

3S 12x6 to 13x6.5 

Recommended propeller (s):

4S 10x6 to 11x7 


Available from:


Multiplex Lentus Electric Sailplane





  • Prototype-like appearance of modern gliders
  • Clear canopy with a detailed cockpit
  • FES option (Front Electric Selflaunch) with optional retractable landing gear, 4S drive (4S 2600) and 8x6 "propeller - this means that the model can be started by itself
  • Prepared tow release
  • TEK- Vario installation prepared (display of airspeed and Vario measurement data)
  • Stable, complex wing with double CFRP-ALU composite spars
  • Forced insertion of servo contacts with M6 high-current plugs in the wings
  • Removable rudder with concave hinges
  • Extremely stiff fuselage in M-Space Technology with Ø20mm profile tube
  • Rudder flaps reinforced with stainless steel tubes
  • Generous, structured interior for battery, RC and telemetry
  • High quality printed and plotted decor
  • Landing skid made of sturdy stone chip protection film
  • Nose protection integrated in the decor
  • Matching model bag available for protected transport
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany


LENTUS - the most powerful ELAPOR glider model of all time! Multiplex have implemented a lot of innovative ideas in the Lentus again.This already built RR basic version of the model has a powerful ROXXY brushless motor for 3S-2600 batteries and is equipped with 6 Hitec HS-65HB servos for elevator and rudder, ailerons and flaps as standard. By installing the optionally available retractable landing gear, the model is self-launching in connection with a 4S 2600 battery and an 8x6 “propeller. It is possible to activate the prepared tow coupling by installing a Hitec HS-65HB servo, despite the built-in electric motor and chassis! This option offers maximum flight fun, making the Lentus the safest model for learning to fly, as in a critical situation it can be released immediately and the model is safely brought back to the starting point with the electric motor. Due to the modern profile design, the model achieves a very wide range of performance and allows a dynamic flight style. The 4-flap surfaces enable precise landings (butterfly).

The LENTUS will inspire you.

What's in the box?

  • Factory-assembled ELAPOR® model

    • ROXXY C35-48-990kv motor
    • ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC speed controller
    • 11 x 7" folding propeller
    • 6 x HS-65HB Carbonite servos
    • Factory-installed M6 quick-release cable set
    • Decals applied
  • Comprehensive instructions

What you need

  • Transmitter and receiver
  • LiPo battery
  • Compatible charger


Model character

Electric glider






3000 mm

RC functions

SR / HR / QR / Spoiler / Motor Flight

Weight of electric

2400 g

Flight time

30 mins

Total wing loading g per square metre


total area in qdm


battery types / cells

3S LiPo

Approx assembly time

30 min

Available from:

Jeti 7 channel RX

7 channel full-range receiver compatible with JETI EX & EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry functions.


  • PPM input
  • PPM output
  • Integrated expander for EX & EX Bus devices
  • UDI digital output
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • Dual receiver antennas
  • Telemetry compatible

Product Information


JETI Duplex receivers are designated for use with the DC/DS transmitters or the JETI transmitter modules in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

The receivers support online updates so that everyone is able to install the latest software versions. From the very beginning bidirectional transmission has been a distinctive feature of the Duplex system, this not only handles telemetry data, but it also helps to ensure secure primarily transmission safety between the transmitter and receiver.

The Duplex EX telemetry system uses an open protocol. This gives the advantage of compatibility with a large number of telemetry sensors from both JETI model and third party producers. For the display of telemetry data you can use purposely designed equipment like the JETIBOX profi and DC/DS transmitters or you can display the data on PCs.



Weight [g]


Dimensions [mm]

42 x 28 x 11

Number of channels




Operational temperature [°C]

-10 ... 85

Compatible protocols


Antenna Length [mm]

2 x 200

Supply Voltage [V]

3,5 - 8,4

Average Current [mA]


Satellite receiver support


Output Power [dBm]


Receiver Sensitivity [dBm]


Available from:

Jeti Vario RX


MVario2 EX is a system that measures atmospheric pressure and using the obtained data it calculates the altitude above sea level, airspeed, and the rate of climb as well as the rate of descent. Changes in climb and descent rates are signalled as well. The sensor also alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded. The sensor data can also be transmitted via the Duplex system to the user.



  • Measurement of altitude, pressure, and temperature
  • Very accurate and fast indication of climb and descent
  • Possible sound alarm signalling using a JETI Tx module (EU only) or JETIBOX profi
  • Possibility to be used as an Expander and to connect other sensors
  • Adjustable compensation of energy (TEK) via MSPEED EX sensor
  • Possibility to be used as an altitude switch in FAI F5J or ALES competition categories
  • The device is compatible with EX Bus protocol, i.e. it is possible to be configured comfortably via a special menu in DC/DS JETI model transmitters
  • Firmware updates

Product Information

The Duplex system takes advantage of the 2.4GHz band for communication. This system not only transmits control data to the model but also sends data from the model back to the transmitter. The telemetry data collected during operation is shown as actual, measured values in real time on either LCD screen of a connected JETIBOX or on the DC/DS JETI model transmitters.


Resolution of measured height


Typical noise ratio in height changes measurement


Measurement range


Available from:

Multiplex Funray Electric


With the MULTIPLEX FUNRAY, a new era of ELAPOR® models begins!



  • Exceptional performance of a foam model
  • Extremely robust wings and sturdy height control system thanks to fully assembled plastic nose strips and aluminum-carbon fibre composite braces
  • Forcing the servo contacts with M6 high current plugs in the wings
  • Removable wings and helices
  • Removable side rudder with hollow hinges
  • Extremely stiff fuselage in M-Space technology and continuous carbon fibre reinforcement with 4-sided profile tube, GRP-straps and form fitting connections from the motor frame to the tailplane beam
  • Very performance-oriented Brushless drive set with 500 watts of power
  • Carbon fibre reinforced folding propellers
  • Very high-quality UV-resistant decor, finished applied, designed by Mirco Pecorari
  • Landing skid made of stable stone impact protection film
  • Trimming chamber in the rear
  • Very high performance, very precise flying through 6x Hitec Premium servos HS65HB with carbonite transmission
  • Unbreakable cab cover made of dyed material
  • All rudder flaps reinforced with stainless steel tubes
  • Spacious and tidy interior for battery and RC components

This fully-built, elegant 4-valve electric sailor inspires you with a dynamic sail flight. The FUNRAY has excellent all-rounder characteristics, on the slopes and in the thermals equally. After steep descent with Butterfly is a point-accurate landing a children's play.

The FUNRAY convinces with incredible speed and precision in the aerobatics. There was no such thing in the ELAPOR® sailplane models yet! This performance is made possible thanks to its modern hybrid construction in the composite of carbon fibre, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and the special ELAPOR® construction foam.



Flight weight


Model characteristics





3 Advanced



RC functions

SR / HR / QR / spoiler / engine

Electric weight


Flight time


Total surface load per gdm


Total area in qdm


Types of cells / cells

3S LiPo

Construction time


Thats all from the Thermal Circle. Happy Safe and Successful Soaring. Hayden Daley 2022.


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