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Sport Sailplanes - Scale

Written by Hayden Daley - 18 September, 2007.
Scale Models

The following scale models have exceptional performance and are well made models that I own or have flown.

Nimbus 4d 4.3 Meter.

The Nimbus 4d 4.3 meter is a very accurate replica of the open class 26.5 meter Nimbus 4d. This model is 1/6 scale and is of all molded construction. This model requires 9 channels including aerotow. I used Nes371 servos for aileron and Jr331 for the rest of the model except for a Jr577 for retract. I have flown this model for several years and am very happy with the model. It needs to be flown with reasonable speed, the models slow speed handling is not great, but when flown with speed it cover's ground exceptionally well. This model is not suitable for Aerobatics. When setting up radio on this model full span ailerons is required for the model to fly properly. Overall an excellent scale model.

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Nimbus 4d 5.3 Meter

The 1/5 scale Nimbus 4d is a very accurate replica of the full size Nimbus 4d. This model is available with options, including working water ballast and a scale cockpit. The model that I constructed used twelve channels and I used 8 Jr331 metal geared servos in the wings and used standard sized servos in the rest of the model. This model requires full span aileron control to fly properly.This model flys well but does not handle to well when flown slowly. When flown by aerotow this model looks very realistic and during take off this models wings flex as per the full sized aircraft, this model is not however suitable for aerobatics. This model is supurb and is highly reccomended.

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DG 600 4.8 meter.

This model is a evry accurate replica of the DG600 racing class sailplane. It is modelled in 1/3.5 scale. This model is available with options including a scale canopy and working water ballast. This model is exceptionally strong and has alot of carbonfibre in the construction of the wings and is suitable for aerobatics with the smaller wing tips. The model that I built used 12 channels however three can be omitted if not using the water ballast control and an aerotow release. This model handles well and is exceptional scale model and is easy to see at the higher than usual heights acheived by aerotow. Overall one of the best flying scale models available.

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