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Sport Sailplanes - Slope/Hotliners

Written by Hayden Daley - 18 September, 2007.
The following Slope Soarers shown exceptional performance recently.


The Ginger is a new molded slope sailplane stocked by Roj?s hobbies. This model has a wingspan of 2000mm, a fuselage length of 1215mm and the wing section is the supurb MH32 f3b wingsection. The wing area is 43.8dm2 and has wing loading between 28.5-33.1 dm2. All up flying weight complete is between 1250-1450 gm and the controls are ail,flap, elevator and rudder. This model looks great, it has a cross tail and will provide excellent slope performance at a very good price for the size of the sailplane.


The Hummingbird is a new hotliner stocked by Roj's hobbies. The Hummingbird is fully molded and has a wingspan of 1220mm, a wing area of 15.6 dm2 and a fuselage length of 650mm. The Hummingbird uses the MH 43 airfoil and the wing is composite and carbon fibre in construction. Up to 35mm diameter motors will fit the model. I had a good look at this model, it is well made and should be very quick.


This is an all new sailplane from Jaro Muller. The wingspan is 1993mm, the length is 1155mm and the weight of the model is 1150gm, Wing area is 28,5 dm2 and elevator is 3,6dm2. This is very much like the Espada only smaller and is designed for extreme slope soaring and winning 2meter duration competitions. This model is strong and can be winch launched. Model must be pre ordered and look forward to extreme 2meter action with the Espadita.

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Mini Graphite

The Mini Graphite is a new model from FVK models and is available now. The wingspan is 1900mm, wing area of 41,5 dm2 the fuselage length is 1160 mm and weight is 760gm. The wing airfoil is the well proven MH 32 and tailplane wingsection is NACA 63A 007. This molded model is all new and expect supurb slope action from this sailplane. Contact David Pratley at Airstrike for this sailplane.

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Bannana Slope

The Bannana is a well priced molded sailplane designed for extreme slope soaring. The wing utilises full carbon construction and would make an excellent F3F racer. The banana features the Mg 06 airfoil and has wingspan of 1450 mm, a wing area of 19dm2 and a fuselage length of 830mm. Banana has an all up weight of 550gm complete. This sailplane is of extremely strong molded construction and is capable of extreme slope soaring.

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Typhoon X Tail a 2-metre rocket ship! Typhoon earned its name because it was designed during the worst part of the strongest Typhoon to hit Taiwan in the last decade. Trust me – it was scary. Aimed at the flyer who has made his bones on smaller ships and now wants something with higher potential, the Typhoon offers sparkling slope performance, but turns into a pussycat when thermalling. For experienced flyers, the plane handles like a dream, has no vices and yet is capable of amazing performance in the right hands. It will fit on the Parcel shelf of most cars. Contact Xerxes Cooper at XC-RC if you are interested in this sailplane.

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Lanyu 3B

The Lanyu 3b is new molded slope soarer that has just landed in Australia. It utilizes the MH32 wing section and its wingspan is just a fraction over two meters. It utilizes a cross tail for elevator that incorporates an all moving tailplane, so no wing to tail incidence problems. It has flaps for landing and a towhook could be added for winch or bungee launch, however this model is not designed for full on f3b launches. This model is not overly heavy for its size; weight and strength on this model is not an issue. This model has a fantastic, visible color scheme with stripes on the bottom and airbrushed on top and is also available in other colors. Overall an excellent slope model.

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Alex XL

The Alex is a molded slope saorer with a wingspan of 2 meters. Its fuselage length 1290 ml and the airfoil used on this model is the MH30 mod. The models empty weight is 850gms. This model requires a 6 channel radio. The fuselage is cabon/kevlar layup and the wing is in 2 pieces. I have been informed by reliable people that this model flys exceptionally well, look forward to good slope action with this model.

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Alex XXL

The Alex XXL is a larger version of the Alex and has a wingspan of 2540 mm a fusleage length 1350mm and a wing area of 42,5 dm2 and it uses the Hn 33s wing section. the models weight 1290g. The fuselage is made of Carbon/ Kevlar and has a two piece wing and features an extra strong carbon joiner. This model is suitable for light D/S. This model promises excetional performance and I have been reliably informed this model flys supurbly.

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Mini Ellipse

The Mini Ellipse has been a regular sight on Australian slope’s it has a cult following, with many models being sold. The model has wingspan 1466mm a length of 830mm and a weight 390gm. The wing section used is a modified RG15 and the model has a wing area of 22,6 dm. The elevator section is a symmetrical 5,5% width and the elevator area IS 3,09 dm2. The Mini Ellipse is a strong model with the right servos these model are capable of extreme slope soaring, they are almost unbreakable in the air. I highly recommend this model as you first molded slope soarer. I have flown this model and it performs well with no bad habits. An exceptional strong molded slope soarer.

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