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Written by Hayden Daley - 12 September, 2017.

30 best websites worldwide 2017

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Bruckmann Modellbau

Bruckman are producer of some of the biggest Aerotow sailplanes currently on offer worldwide. They are of good quality and provide very good performance this company is in Germany.


EMS is a German company well respected for producing good quality scale model and are based in Germany. I have heard only good things about this manufacturer.


OMP or Oreilly Model products is a supplier of hobby products to the hobby trade and are well known for the supply of good quality equipment and products.


Jiri Baudis is the manufacturer of some of the best flying F3B models available. The Jedi and Pitbull are outstanding competition models for modern F3B. The ASW 22 and Salto are also very good aerotow sailplanes.

Bill Hempel

Bill Hempel provides many different models built to a large scale. They are the suppliers of many of the largest models available at this time. These models are well made and strong and 50% scale K8 is very popular in Australia.

Airworld Modellbau

AirWorld are the producers of many Molded models and also supply Moki Engines and Turbine moolded Jet models. This supplier is reputable and the products are outstanding.

Airtech RC

Air Tech is a French company and is a supplier of competition and many other sport sailplanes and they ship too Australia.


The German company Paritech are providers of many different scale and other sailplanes these models cover all aspects of modern soaring including aerotow and others. Please check this site it is very good.

RC Trader

One of the most popular websites in Australia this trading page for the sale of model products both second hand and new. This website is very well known.


Modelbau Pollack are manufacturers of many different competition and other models including F3B and F3J high performance sailplanes.

LET Model

Let models are the providers of some of the finest scale sailplanes available at this time. This company’s products are outstanding and the Let models in Australia are very much admired for the perfect finish and good flying qualities.


This company has a good selection of high quality scale models for sale and is located in Europe. These models are well known for good flying characteristics.

Aero Sport Becker

This manufacturer supplies some of the best F3B sailplanes available at this time and comes highly recommended for good quality molded models.


This is a German company and has been trading for more than twenty years. They supply good products and I recommend this site as honest and reputable.

Valenta Model

Valenta Models are the suppliers of many different models from the Czech Republic. They ship to Australia and they supply good products.

TUN Modellbau

Tun Modellbau are well known suppliers of F3B and other models and comes highly recommended they really do sell the best equipment available. They also ship too Australia and are suppliers of Aerotec products.


Top Model are very large suppliers of many different Jets and power and scale sailplanes and are one of the biggest online suppliers of many different models molded and others. If you are into molded models I suggest you check this site.

Model Flight

Australia’s biggest model aircraft supplier Model Flight is well known for the supply of RC equipment planes and many other products that are well made and can be serviced in Australia.

Soaring USA

Soaring USA in the United States has one of the largest selection of competition and other sailplanes available on the internet and they also ship directly too Australia. This site is well known and reputable supplier of molded composite models.

Schneider Modell

Schneider are providers of many different Aerotow models in many different sizes. This supplier is in Germany and will ship.

Roke Modelle

This is a German company and has an English option on the site so can be translated they have many choices including scale and others.

Desert Aircraft

DA or Desert Aircraft Engines are suppliers of some of the finest petrol engines available. They are very popular and well used in the large model and aerotowing scene. They are very powerful and run well!!!

3W International

3W engines are well known in the soaring community as high performance good quality petrol 2 stroke motors and the performance of these engines is outstanding. They are the choice of many in expensive towplanes.

DLE Engines

Providers of good quality high performance petrol motors up to 222 CC. These engines are very popular and they are powerful and well made.

Dave Toys for Big Boys

Daves toys is the largest supplier of Molded competition sailplanes in Australia and has many exclusive agencies and can supply most molded models. They also supply Jeti Products.

DLA Engines

The home of DLA engines providing good high performance engines for a good price. These engines are very popular for tow planes in Australia and come recommended as good quality engines.

Booma RC

Many different electronic parts for use in scale sailplanes and other models including towplanes are provided by Booma RC an Australian company.


MKS servos are well known in the competition soaring scene for good quality and high performance and are a trusted brand for use in F3B sailplanes.

PowerBox Systems

Powebox Systems provide elevtronic parts for use in high performance models including Jets and large scale aerotow models they also provide smoke pumps and a Gyro system.

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